(1888 - 1939)

Sima Marković was born on November 8, 1888. His father Miloš Marković was the Principal of gymnasium in Kragujevac, deputy to the Parliament and one of the founders of the National Radical Party. He completed gymnasium in Kragujevac in 1907, as the best pupil of his generation. He graduated mathematics at the Belgrade University, and then under the supervision of Mihailo Petrović, he took his Ph.D. in the field of mathematics in 1913. His thesis under the title General Riccati equation of the first order was the second doctoral dissertation defended ill Serbia in that time.

He was elected assistant professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade at the beginning of 1920, but it was not quite clear whether his appointment was ever signed. Soon after the Obznana Law was passed, he was dismissed from the University.

On the Congress of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, which took place in Vukovar in 1920, Sima Marković was elected a secretary of newly founded Communist Party. He was elected deputy of the Constitutional Assembly and president of Deputy Club. The same year he became high official of Comintern. Between 1920 and 1935 Sima Marković was persecuted by the regime, was imprisoned several times and finally in 1933 he was driven into exile in Plevlja and Čajniče. That was the time of severe conflicts within the Communist Party of Yugoslavia about so called national question, and Sima Marković, being a leader of right wing came into conflict with Comintern and Stalin. Simply said, he admitted the existence of Serbian imperialist policy but considered that it was not in the interest of Yugoslav people the break of Yugoslavia, but on the contrary, its democratization and decentralization. Due to such statements he was anathematized and finally expelled from the party in 1929.

In spite of difficult leaving conditions, with no university career, Sima Marković continued to widen his scientific interest for disciplines such as: basis of science, popularization of physics, teaching methods of mathematics, political economy, psychoanalysis, and the similar. His special interest was in Marxist theory. His most interested works are: Science and Philosophy (1925), Principle of Causality and Modern Physics (1935), Study to Dialectical Materialistic Criticism of Kant Philosophy (1936). The contribution that Sima Marković gave in his works places him among our most outstanding Marxist philosophers between the two World Wars. His popular study on Einstein theory of Relativity written while he was imprisoned in 1924 was also well received by the public.

In 1935 Sima Marković managed to escape from his exile, went to Russia and find a job as scientific associate at the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Till recently, there were many open questions concerning his last years of life. But, according to data acquired from the recently opened Russian archives, Sima Marković was falsely accused that he was a member of Rightist Trotsky Terrorist Organization and that he collaborated with the British intelligence service. He was sentenced to death and was shot the same day, on April 19, 1939. That was the end of this important Serbian intellectual and public worker. He was rehabilitated in 1958.

Author: Rašković, Miodrag