Centre "Dynamical Systems, Geometry and Combinatorics"

The Centre for Dynamical Systems, Geometry and Combinatorics arose from the merging of the Discrete Geometry group lead by dr Rade Zivaljevic and the Dynamical Systems group lead by dr Vladimir Dragovic.

This process began in 1998 with the organization of the conference Geometric Combinatorics in Kotor, Yugoslavia, as a satellite conference of the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin. This conference, organized by R. Zivaljevic, S. Vrecica and V. Dragovic, is one of the most exciting mathematical events ever held on the territory of former Yugoslavia. It was marked by the participation of leading world experts in related scientific fields, including experts from the current partner institutions (Prof. Boris Dubrovin, SISSA-Trieste; Prof. Guenter Ziegler, TU-Berlin).

The Centre aims at the highest level, coordinated research in respective areas and gathers together some of the finest mathematicians in Serbia and Montenegro. For illustration, members of the team lead and participate in two research projects of the Serbian Ministry of Science which were ranked the second and third (project leaders S. Vrecica and V. Dragovic) among the total of forty ongoing projects that have passed a scrupulous international evaluation process.