The Library of the Mathematical Institute

The Library of the Mathematical Institute has the status of specialized and central library in the field of mathematics, mechanics and computer science. The Library collects and keeps necessary scientific literature, documentation and information.

Library holdings consists of books, journals, and data-bases, as well as the various electronic editions. The total amount of books by the emd of the year 2006 is 14457. Most of them were purchased, the rest have been received as a gift or by exchange or due to the collaboration with the referative journal Zentralblatt fur Mathematik.

The library contains 605 journals with about 60000 issues in the paper form. Recently, the electronic access to most of them has been obtained. Anyway, some journals are still arriving in printed versions, mostly due to the exchange with other libraries and institutions. The exchanging has always been essential for the holdings update. The Institute sends two periodicals, the journal Publications de L'Institut Mathematique and the Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research (for which the institute is co-publisher) and two nonperiodical publications Zbornik Radova and Posebna izdanja, to about 300 addresses worldwide for exchange.

Library provides also two reference data-bases - Zentralblatt fur Mathematik published by the European Mathematical Society, and Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet), published by the American Mathematical Society.

The Serbian Ministry of Science has provided Serbian scientists with free on-line access to about 17000 journals, through KOBSON data-base. Among those journals quite a few are very important for mathematics, computer science and mechanics, and some of them are available in Serbia for the first time.

Library contact information:

Telephone: 381-11-2180591
Fax: 381-11-2186105