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PUBLICATIONS DE L'INSTITUT MATHEMATIQUE is the leading mathematical journal in Serbia. First established in 1932 and restarted in 1947, it has two issues per year and accepts papers by both Yugoslav and non-Yugoslav mathematicians. English is the primary language of the journal, but papers in French, Russian and German are also accepted.

The members of the editorial board are: Mileva Prvanović (Editor in Chief), Petar Vasić (deceased), Slobodan Simić, Miroljub Jevtić, Žarko Mijajlović, Stevan Pilipović, Gradimir Milovanović, Rade Zivaljević; Tatjana Ostrogorski (Secretary of the Board) and Dragan Blagojević (Technical Editor).

Publications is used in an extensive exchange program with different institutions and scientific societies all over world through which the library of the Institute obtains over 200 journals.

VISUAL MATHEMATICS  is the international multidisciplinary electronic journal, established in 1999. It has four issues per year published in English, in HTML. Visual Mathematics published more then 100 papers dedicated to visual representations of mathematical structures. The aim of Visual Mathematics is to show the beauty of mathematics in its broad sense and establish connections between sciences and arts. The Editors in Chief are Slavik Jablan and Denes Nagy, and the Editors are the members of the Advisory Board of ISIS Symmetry.

TEORIJSKA I PRIMENJENA MEHANIKA [Theoretical and Applied Mechanics] is published jointly with the Yugoslav Society for Mechanics in one issue per year. Since 1996, it has ceased to be an edition of the Institute.

Non-Periodical Issues:

POSEBNA IZDANJA [Special Editions] is a non-periodic publication of scientific monographs in English.

ZBORNIK RADOVA [Proceedings] is a non-periodic publication in English. At present, Institute publishes four types of Proceedings within this edition:

  • Proceedings of conferences organized (or co-sponsored) by the Institute
  • Proceedings of meetings devoted to jubilees
  • Proceedings with papers prepared to be discussed on seminars with new mathematical research or new ideas
  • Proceedings with historical content, presenting our mathematical research in various fields of mathematics

KLASIČNI NAUČNI SPISI [Classic Scientific Writings] is a non-periodic publication consisting of translations of mathematical classics.

SAVREMENA RACUNSKA TEHNIKA I NJENA PRIMENA [Contemporary Computing Techniques and Applications] is a non-periodic issue.

MATEMATIČKI VIDICI [Mathematical Horizons] is a non-periodic publication consisting of expository texts for a wider audience in Serbian.

ISTORIJA MATEMATIČKIH I MEHANIČKIH NAUKA [History of Mathematical and Mechanical Sciences] is a non-periodic publication.

Occasionally, books are published which do not fit into any of the above editions. For a list of recently published books in this category, click here.

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