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newGRAPH is a fully integrated environment used for improving a research process in graph theory. Its purpose is:

It is a new version of GRAPH, written by Dragoš Cvetković and his collaborators. It is currently being developed by Dragan Stevanović and Vladimir Brankov, with Dragoš Cvetković and Slobodan Simić serving as consultants.

Download & Installation

Click the links below to download the newGRAPH:

newGRAPH 1.1.3 for Windows

newGRAPH 1.1.3 for Mac OS X

Windows installation: The java virtual machine, downloadable from, version 1.4.2 or higher, should be installed on the system. The archive should be extracted in the "Program Files" directory, and newgraph.bat should be executed.

Mac OS X installation: Extract, then run newGRAPH application.

Collection of plug-ins

??tila Jones and Denilson Ribeiro from Federal Institute of Southeast Minas Gerais, Brazil, implemented a number of plug-ins for newGRAPH. You may find their plug-in collection here.