Seminar for Geometry, education and visualization with applications



Seminar geometriju, obrazovanje i vizualizaciju sa primenama


ČETVRTAK, 07.07.2011. u 17 sati, sala 301F, MI
prof. Elaine Beltaos iz Edmontona, Canada.
Fixed Point Factorization

Abstract: A rational conformal field theory (RCFT) is a quantum field theory that is invariant under the conformal transformations, and also satisfies a finiteness condition. An important ingredient of an RCFT is its modular data -- two matrices S and T that generate a representation of the modular group. The Wess-Zumino Witten (WZW) models are well-studied RCFTs that arise from the affine Kac-Moody algebras. We have found that the S-matrix for the classical affine algebras displays a "fixed point factorization" property, which is a simplification of the S-matrix entries involving fixed points (of simple currents) in terms of the S-matrix for smaller rank affine algebras. In this talk, we will discuss what fixed point factorization is, an application to fusions, and current and future work on this project. This is a joint work with Terry Gannon.

Sednice seminara odrzavaju se u zgradi Matematickog instituta SANU, Knez-Mihailova 36, na trecem spratu u sali 301f.

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