Seminar for Probability Logic



Plan rada Seminara Verovatnosnih logika za avgust 2014.

Sastanci seminara verovatnosnih logika Matematickog instituta SANU odrzavaju se na adresi: Kneza Mihaila 36/III sprat, soba 301f - sala za seminare. Sastanci se odrzavaju cetvrtkom posle podne, od 15h, pod rukovodstvom Profesora Miodraga Raskovica.

ČETVRTAK, 21.8.2014. U 15:00


ČETVRTAK, 28.8 .2014. U 15:00
dr Petar Maksimovic
Apstrakt : Proofs in the domain of process calculi are growing in complexity. We do our best to attend to their every detail, yet sometimes we fail - a case is left unnoticed or a hypothesis is silently assumed. In order to successfully explore more complex theories, we need guarantees that the foundations we build upon are solid. To that end, we can use proof assistants to formulate these theories in a fully formal setting. In this paper, we consider a recent publication on higher-order process calculi and describe how its results are formalized in the Coq proof assistant. As a secondary contribution, we highlight some important technical issues that we have uncovered in the original publication. We believe these issues are not unique to the paper under consideration, and require particular care to be avoided. Our ultimate goal is to show that it is possible to build a solid, high-confidence setting for formal reasoning on higher-order process calculi.

ČETVRTAK, 4.9.2014. U 15:00

Beograd, 2014.

Sekretar Seminara: Nataša Glišović
Rukovodilac Seminara: Prof. dr Miodrag Rašković