Project III 044006

Development of new information and communication technologies, based on advanced mathematical methods, with applications in medicine, telecommunications, power systems, protection of national heritage and education

Leader: Dr. Zoran Ognjanović


Researchers in mathematical logic and knowledge based systems, graph theory, operational research, cryptology etc., have all made breakthroughs in developing solutions for many problems on which modern technology and everyday life depend. The practice in Serbia shows that results obtained by our scientists remained on a theoretical level. Thus, we propose a concerted effort towards developing ICT applications of these results with the main objectives to:

The project will focus on a limited set of challenges with a firm mathematical background. It will establish cooperation between research groups in mathematics, CS, engineering, telecommunications, and arts and humanities for mutual benefit. We will concern
as the main research area, and its applications into some key socio-economic challenges (health, power systems, sharing of cultural resources) defined in the national strategy for science:

Keywords: advanced mathematical methods, ICT, intelligent system, health, energetics, digitization of heritage

The Project leader:

Project Description

The project team will comprise 34 institutions and 192 researchers in mathematics, ICT and its applications into health, power systems, and digitization of cultural heritage. We envisage the following subprojects:

The project will involve J. Edmonds, one of the creators of the field of combinatorial optimization, and Z. Obradovic, director of the Center for Information Science and Technology at Temple University, Philadelphia. 57 young researchers will be hired addressing the "brain drain".

Additional activities will be: