Project 1616

Real Problems On Mechanics

Leader: dr Katica Hedrih


Subject of research

Basic Principles of Mechanics Applied to Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, and to Models of real discrete and continuum systems of disparate physical nature. Nonlinear oscillations of dynamical systems. Discrete continuum with viscoplastic, hereditary or creep constraints and models of continuum with different material properties and discontinuities, as a models of damage and fracture dynamics. Dynamics and stability of discrete continuum models and continuum models with cracks. Blance lows and symetry in mcehanics (damage and fracture). Dynamical active materials and Dynamics of biomaterials. Dynamics of coupled rotation motions and modelling of dynamics and control of active structure.

Description of the work

Originality of research

Nonlinear phenomena in dynamical systems. New discrete continuum models with constraints of disparate nature, models of dynamical active materials and structures. Mech. injuries of spinal and head.

Research Goal

Advan. of: mathematical theory of stable programed processes; prognosis and mathematical description of system nonlinear dynamics; knowledge on nonlinear dynamics and stability of dynamical systems. Designing, contructing and verifying new discrete models of continuums with hereditary or creep, fractional order derivative constitutive relations, or thermo and piezorheological constraints, as dynamicly active materials. Analogy and phenomenological mapping on system dynamics of disparate nature.

State of the Art in Scientific Field

World-wide Situation

At the leading intern. Congr. in the area of mechanics, first keywords of plenary and introducing lectures, of headlines of leading scinetific journals and monographies as well as of various papers of international significance are: Nonlinear dynamics and chaos, Analytical dynamics, Nonlinear sciences, nonlinear phenomena, Deterministic Chaos, Control oscilations, Systems self-similar to the living creatur, dynamics and control of active structure, damage structure dynamics, computer methods, risk.... The selection of seveeral recent intern. congr. itself, as:

Domestic Situation

References for evaluting the state of research in the area of nonlinear mechanics in our country are the research results presented at the leading subproject 04M03A Actual Problems on Mechanics with Appl., the report on which was accepted by the M ST of the R. of Serbia, as well as papers publsihed in two Yug. Intern. Journ. the area of mechanics Mechanics, Automatic Control and Robotics (last issue from 2001.) Facta Universiatatis Univer. of Niš and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics JDM (last issue from 1999.), as well as two (recently held) Yug. congresses on mechanics with inern. participations: (Niš, 1995 i Vrnj. Banja 1997) and inter. symposia: Yug. Conf. on Nonlinear Deterministic and Stochastic Processes in Dynamical Systems with Appl. - YCNP NIŠ'91, i Yug. Conf. on Nonlinear Mechanics-Nonlinear Sciences at the Threshold of the Third Millenium Niš 2000., as a Recent Adv. in Analytical Dynamic-Control, Stability and Diff. Geometry, 2001 Belgr. we can conclude abaot St. of Art.

Planned Project Results

Models of rotors with cracks, kinematics and dynamics modelling and control of active structures applied to active contrcutions and industrial robots.... It can be used in designing, contructing and examining the durability of rotoexcavators, reductors, balancing maschines, and for fintuning of gyrorotors and gyrostats. Obtaining knowledge on mechanical injuries of spinal chord and head. Findings on spinal chord and head fracture mechanics can be significant for diagnosis of injuries of spinal chord (spine).... Molecular design of monolith and composite materials.