Project 174033: Activities


Project 174033: Graph Theory and Mathematical Programming with Applications to Chemistry and Computer Science

Leader: Slobodan Simić, Research Professor
Deputy Leader: Dragoš Cvetković, Research Professor
Project Secretary: Tatjana Davidović, Research Associate Professor

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Project results

Applications of Graph Spectra


Software Packages


The project consists of five subprojects (titles followed by subproject leaders):

  1. Spectral Graph Theory, Slobodan Simić;
  2. Chemical Graph Theory, Boris Furtula;
  3. Mathematical Programming, Vera Kovačević-Vujčić;
  4. Structural Graph Theory and Algorithms, Kristina Vušković;
  5. Graph Spectra in Computer Science, Dragan Stevanović.

Project results

Graphs, Optimization, Chemistry, Computer Science - A book about project activities for the period 2008-2012 (in Serbian).

Graphs, Optimization, Chemistry - A book about project activities for the period 2003-2007 (in Serbian).

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List of Publications in 2014

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List of Publications in 2012

List of Publications in 2011

A special Issue of the journal Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Volume 435, Issue 10, 15 November 2011 has been published in honor of Professor Dragoš Cvetković (his 70-th birthday). It includes biography of Professor Cvetković, a complete list of his papers and books and 27 scientific papers with subjects close to Cvetković's work. Guest Editors for this issue: E.R. van Dam, I. Gutman, P. Rowlinson, S.K. Simić and D. Stevanović.

Applications of Graph Spectra

International Conference Spectra of Graphs and applications, SGA 2016, May 18-20, 2016, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

D. Cvetković,SPECTRAL RECOGNITION OF GRAPHS, paper and Plenary talk at Conference on Applications of Graph Spectra in Computer Science, co-organized by D. Stevanović, July 16-20, 2012, Barcelona, Spain.

Selected Topics on Applications of Graph Spectra, (second edition), Zbornik radova 14(22), eds. D. Cvetković, I. Gutman, Mathematical Institute SANU, Belgrade, 2011.

Software Packages

Programming Package newGRAPH by D. Stevanović, V. Brankov, D. Cvetković and S. Simić (Oct. 2004)

Programming Package GRAPH by D. Cvetković et al. (1980-1984). The users should download .zip file, unpack it on their local machine and read the corresponding readme.txt file.

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