Project 1630

Representation of Proofs with Applications, Classification of Structures and Infinite Combinatorics

Leader: Kosta Došen

List of Recent Publications

    Books and Book Chapters

  1. K. Došen, Z. Petrić, Proof-Theoretical Coherence, KCL Publications, London, 2004.

    Papers in Scientific Journals

  2. Mirjana Borisavljević, Extended natural-deduction images of conversions from the system of secuents, Journal of Logic and Computation, 14 ( 2004), 769-799.
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    Papers in Conference Proceedings

  17. L. Bettini, V. Bono, S. Likavec, A calculus of mixin-based incomplete objects, Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages, FOOL'04, 2004, pp. 29-41.
  18. S. Ghilezan, S. Likavec, Extensions of the reducibility method, Proceedings of the 4th Panhellenic Logic Symposium, 2004, pp. 107-112.

    Papers accepted for publication

  19. K. Došen, Models of deduction, in: P. Schroeder-Heister ed., Proceedings of the Workshop "Proof-Theoretic Semantics, Tübingen 1999", Oxford University Press, Oxford

    Submitted for publication

  20. K. Došen, Z. Kovijanić and Z. Petrić, A new proof of the faithfulness of Brauer's representation of Temperley-Lieb algebras (
  21. K. Došen, Simplicial endomorphisms (