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dr Miodrag Rašković

Probabilistic logic (or probability logic) is a name for the branch of mathematical logic devoted to the study of reasoning with the presence of uncertainty, where uncertainty is represented in the terms of probability. One can found traces of reasoning about probability in the work of scholars such as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, George Boole and many others, but the modern era of probability logic has started with the work of Jerome Keisler in the mid seventies of the XX century.

In 2004, professors Miodrag Rasković, Zoran Marković, Zoran Ognjanvić, Nebojša Ikodinović and Dragan Radojević have started an informal seminar for probability logic at the Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. As a consequence of the steady growth of the number of researchers and graduate students that have joined the seminar, in 2008 it became an official seminar of the Mathematical Institute. Besides their original results, the members of the seminar often presents contemporary research in areas related to probability logic.

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