As science and art are further developed, their foundations and  bases are regarded as more important. The development of science and art creates the subdivision of their genres. The more precisely the subdivision proceeds, the more the importance is recognized in their interdisciplinary natures.

Therefore, in the today's specialized education, we observe not only the developments of vertically divided genres, similar to the classification seen in the chair system of the old university system, but also observe them from a vertical cross section in all fields. "Kohsei" in Japanese, or "Basic Art and Basic Design" in English, is one of the specialized fields which has such a feature. In other words, the existing specialized genres and the majors in the education systems and others are classified by dimensions and materials (fine art = Western paintings, Japanese paintings, carvings and sculptures, and so on), and the sort of occupations in industry (designs = graphic  design, product design, interior design, construction design, and so on). "KOHSEI (Basic Art & Design)" is a basic and important factor which is commonly contained in each of those genres, and we research and teach it.

The concrete elements of it are shapes, colors, materials, compositions, ideas, etc., because they are fundamental and commonly contained in each genre of art and design. These research projects range from simple to high level and difficult.