2 The purpose of two-dimensional KOHSEI

2--Goals of two-dimensional KOHSEI

What is indispensable for the production? And what is the most important? 

Let's begin with simple materials. For art and design, materials are necessary. Also tools to manufacture them and the ability to use those tools. Tools and machines are the product of intelligence, and experience is necessary to brush up the technology. However, we cannot say that excellent work can be done with materials, tools, technology, intelligence and experiences; there still lacks important things. To artisans, their work will be very successful with these five elements. However, in the case of arts, these are not the total elements, but necessary elements. To become a good artist or designer, a rich idea and a sharp artificial sense are necessary. These are the key points which distinguish artists from artisans, the most important thing being "creativity", and this is the reason why a good sense and ideas are indispensable to achieve this creativity. This is the ultimate aim in KOHSEI of two-dimensional space.


  Figure 6: "VEGA-TUZ-POS", V. Vasarely.