You are the witness. Movement is the art. 
Forget where you've stepped or where you step in. 
Bend over backwards. Never bend your knees.

To keep your balance in equilibrium, 
to strike out slowly, set to make it there, 
only lean forward over your center.

It's less what you see than a feel inside 
that gets a hold-on without taking arms. 
Reach out with a hand to keep a balance.

Consecutively, you're never at rest. 
Gather for the rock in your inner ear. 
Never bend your knees while shifting your stand.

There's always the chance that's how you will fall. 
To keep your balance within some limit, 
you pass beyond art to say you made it.

You become conscious of your unbent knees 
which are bound to trust however it's said. 
No longer content with what is beyond,

inevitably, you are opened up. 
You split and you merge what's right and what's left 
for transcendent grace, a power outside.

The fact you witness, that you're determined, 
testifies someone wants you to do good. 
To take the first step, you need warmth around.