Geometric Sculpture

    George W. Hart

    85 Oak Street 
    Northport, NY 
      11768  USA 
    (631) 754-2722

    As a sculptor of constructive geometric forms, my work deals with patterns and relationships derived from classical ideals of balance and symmetry.  Mathematical yet organic, these abstract forms invite the viewer to partake of the geometric aesthetic.  I use a variety of media, including paper, wood, plastic, metal, and assemblages of common household objects. 

    Classical forms are pushed in new directions, so viewers can take pleasure in their Platonic beauty yet recognize how they are updated for our complex high-tech times.  I share with many artists the idea that a pure form is a worthy object, and select for each piece the materials that best carry that form. In one series of pieces, familiar objects are arranged in engaging configurations, displaying an essential tension between mundane individual components and the strikingly original totality. 

    Because my works invite contemplation, slowly revealing their content, some viewers see them as meditation objects.  A lively dancing energy moves within each piece and flows out to the viewer.  The integral wholeness of each self-contained sculpture presents a crystalline purity, a conundrum of complexity, and a stark simplicity. 

    Recent Work by George W. Hart

    This page shows some of my own favorite pieces.  Click on any image for a larger image and mathematical description.  As with all sculpture, 2D images can't really convey the presence they have in person, and it can be remarkable how differently they appear from different angles, so you'll have to extrapolate from the images here.  Most everything shown below will fit through a doorway, but I am seeking sites and commissions for larger works.  If you are interested, let me know... 

    Fire and Ice

    oak and brass 
    currently at Vorpal Gallery

    I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear

    acrylic plastic 
    currently at Vorpal Gallery

    Battered Moonlight

    paper mache over steel 
    21 inches

    No Picnic 

    spoons, knives, forks 
    variable dimensions, up to 16 feet in length 
    destroyed at Hofstra University, student center

    Yin and Yang

    walnut and basswood 
    7" diameter

    Disk Combobulation

    3.5 inch floppy diskettes 
    12 inches 
    at Goudreau Museum, New Hyde Park, NY

    The Color-Matched Dissection of the Rhombic Enneacontahedron

    acrylic plastic shell, acid-free card stock 
    20 inches

    72 pencils

    72 pencils 
    8 inches


    12 inches

    Chiral Quartet

    installation at 2000 A.D. at the Vanderbilt museum, Centerport, NY, November 1997 - January 1998
    Music of the Sphere

    10 inches diameter, 36 tall

    The Plastic Tableware of Damocles

    180 plastic knives 
    26 inches


    wood covered in synthetic fur, base of  epoxy composite over steel, painted with pink enamel. 
    16 inches


    204 CDs 
    26 inches

    Fat and Skinny

    walnut, maple, and brass 
    23 inches

    Chronosynclastic Infundibulum

    150 CDs 
    34 inches 
    Long Island Museum of Science and Technology


    35 inches 


    360 CDs 
    33 inch diameter

    Roads Untaken

    exotic hardwoods (yellowheart, paela, and padauk) with walnut "grout," 
    17 inch diameter


    150 CDs 
    Princeton University Dept. Mathematics
    Leonardo Project

    Cherry reconstructions of Leonardo da Vinci's Models

    The Susurrus of the Sea

    transparent blue acrylic plastic 
    Septvaginta Duarus Planus Vacuus

    currently at Vorpal Gallery


    painted aluminum 
    8 foot 
    shown at Mather Hospital, Port Jefferson

    Rainbow Bits

    642 CDROMs 
    77 inch diameter 
    U.C. Berkeley, Dept. Computer Science 
    Rainbow Bits Construction

    Millennium Bookball

    Wood and bronze,  5 foot diameter 
    Commission for Northport Public Library 
    Northport, NY. Community Assembly Event
    Gonads of the Rich and Famous

    3D printing 
    two balls, 3" each

    Five-Legged-Bee Hive

    3D printing 

    Deep Structure

    3D printing 

    Some of the above pieces are available for purchase. Contact me for more information or if you are interested in commissioning something special. 

    Public and Corporate Artworks

    • Northport Public Library (1999)
    • Long Island Museum of Science and Technology (1999)
    • U.C. Berkeley, Dept. Computer Science, Soda Hall (1999)
    • Princeton University, Mathematics Dept. common room (1998)
    • Goudreau Museum of Mathematics in Art and Science, New Hyde Park, NY  (1998)

    Ongoing Group Shows

    • Art & Math 2001, Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield , Massachusetts, Feb 1-March 30
    • Vorpal Gallery, 459 W. Broadway, 5th floor, Soho, New York City, Jan 1999-ongoing; (212) 777-3939.

    Recent Group Shows

    • Art & Mathematics 2000, The Cooper Union, NY, Nov. 7 - Dec. 15 2000.
    • Colloquium on Math and Arts Exhibition, Maubeuge, France (Sept. 2000)
    • Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridghampton, NY.  (July 2000)
    • Walt Whitman National Historic Birthplace Gallery, Huntington, NY (March-May 2000)
    • Northport Museum, Northport, NY (May-July 2000)
    • International Society of Art, Math, and Architecture, Exhibit at SUNY Albany (June 2000)
    • Digital Soup II, Fayetteville Arts Council, N.C. (April-May 2000)
    • b.j. Spoke Gallery, 299 Main St., Huntington, NY (Sept-Oct 1999)
    • Mather Hospital Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show, Port Jefferson, NY (June-August 1999)
    • Clayton Liberatore Gallery, Montauk Hwy., Bridgehampton, NY (May 1999)
    • Northport Museum, Do Art: Summer Exhibition, Northport NY (May-July 1999)
    • Soundview Gallery, Port Jefferson, NY (Nov. 1998-March 1999)
    • 10th Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibition at Chelsea Center, East Norwich, NY, Award of Excellence (Oct. 1998)
    • Huntington Station Arts, Huntington, NY (Oct.-Nov. 1998)
    • SOMA Gallery, Northport, NY, (Sept.-Oct. 1998)
    • Math and Art 1998 Exhibition, U.C. Berkeley, California (August 1998)
    • Bridges Exhibition, Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas (July 1998)
    • Northport Museum, Northport, NY (June-July 1998)
    • Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, Centerport, NY (Dec. 1997-Jan. 1998)
    • Hofstra University, Student Center (1997-2000)
    • Math and Art 1997 Exhibition, SUNY Albany, NY (June 1997)


    • Individual Artist Award, New York State Council for the Arts. 1999,  to create Book Ball, a geometric construction of books celebrating the millennium.
    • Award of Excellence, 10th Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibition at Chelsea Center, 1998.

    Recent sculpture-related papers and presentations

    • "Loopy," Humanistic Mathematics, to appear, 2001.
    • "Computational Geometry for Sculpture," (to appear) ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry, Tufts University, June 2001. (invited plenary speaker)
    • Craig S. Kaplan and G. Hart, "Symmetrohedra: Polyhedra from Symmetric Placement of Regular Polygons," to appear in Proceedings of Bridges 2001: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science, Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, July 2001.
    • Douglas Zongker and G. Hart, "Blending Polyhedra with Overlays," to appear in Proceedings of Bridges 2001: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science, Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, July 2001.
    • "Solid-Segment Sculptures," Colloquium on Math and Arts, Maubeuge, France, 20-22, Sept. 2000. (online copy)
    • "Sculpture based on Propellorized Polyhedra," Proceedings of  MOSAIC 2000, University of Washington, Seattle, Aug 21-24, 2000. (online copy)
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    • "Virtual Reality Polyhedra," Art and Mathematics Conference, SUNY Albany, NY, June, 1996.


    New Book about the Beauty of Geometry

    • George W. Hart and Henri Picciotto, Zome Geometry: Hands-on Learning with Zome Models, Key Curriculum Press. (more information)


    Check out a nice photo with one of my models which made the NY Times.  Read an interview that appeared in studioNOTES.  Read an interview that appeared in Ubiquity.  See my entry at sculpture magazine

    For background on the historical relationships between polyhedra and art, see the Polyhedra and Art section of my online Encyclopedia of Polyhedra. This was the topic of my talk at the 1998 Art and Math conference at Berkeley. I also make paper polyhedron models which are more at the mathematics end of the scale than the art end. Somewhere in between, I put my "geometric constructions," which blend math and art more evenly. Finally, you might also like to look at some of my 2D computer-generated images, which are concepts for sculptures too difficult to realize physically, or some of my early plotter drawings

    If you like this stuff, here are some links to some other geometric sculptors you may like: Brent Collins, Helaman Ferguson, Bathsheba Grossman, Jean-Pierre Hébert, Chris Palmer, Charles Perry, John Robinson, Carlo Sequin, Arthur Silverman, Ken Snelson, Simon Thomas, Keizo Ushio, Koos Verhoeff.  For more, see the International Society for Art, Math, and Architecture.  There is also general information for/about sculptors at Richard Collins' site. 

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