Workshop on Visualization and 
Verbalization of Mathematics and 
Interdisciplinary Aspects

Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Nis, Yugoslavia

14—15 December 2001

Scientific Programme

Friday, 14 December 2001

Faculty of Science and Mathematics

Carnojevica 10

09:00—09:30 Opening Ceremony

Zoran Milenkovic, Rector of the University of Nis

Welcome Address

Tomislav Pavlovic, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics

Welcome Address

Eberhard Malkowsky, Main Organizer of the Workshop

Official Opening of the Workshop

09:30—10:00 Coffee Break

Morning Session, Plenary Lectures

10:00—10:45 Slavik Jablan, Modularity in Science and Art

10:50—11:35 Kurt Endl, Software for Geometry

11:35—11:50 Coffee Break

11:50—12:35 Vesna Velickovic, An Overview of the Computer Programs for

Visualization of Mathematics

12:40—13:25 Johannes Becker, Public Domain Software for Graphics/Mathematics

Running on Windows or Linux

13:25—15:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session

15:00—15:45 Eberhard Malkowsky, A Software for the Visualization of Differential


15:50—16:35 Lubisa Kocic, Art Elements in Fractal Constructions

16:40—17:25 Klaus Hildebrandt, Geometry and Visualization Online with JavaView

17:25—17:40 Coffee Break

17:40—18:25 Slobodan Markovic, A Modal Completion in Visual Perception

18:30—19:15 Aleksandar Jovanovic, Dragoljub Perisic, Nenad Andonovski,

Microscopic Image Processing

Saturday, 15 December 2001

Faculty of Science and Mathematics

Carnojevica 10

Morning Session, Invited Talks

09:00—09:45 Arpad Takaci, Visual Representation of Mathematical Models, and Animation

Models with the Proof Animation Program

09:50—10:35 Aleksandar Lipkovski, The Educational Use of Mathematical Software:

Techniques and Examples

10:35—10:55 Coffee Break

Session Science of Mathematics

10:55—11:40 Neda Bokan, Mirjana Djoric, Udo Simon,

Geometric Structures Determined by the Volume of the Generalized Geodesic


11:45—12:10 Miomor Stankovic, Predrag Rajkovic,

Computing and Visualization of Fractal Transforms by Mathematica

12:10—12:35 Ilija Knezevic, Radmila Sazdanovic, Visualization of the Lobachevskian Plane

12:35—13:00 Dusan Milosevic, On Interactive Surface Visualization

13:00—14:45 Lunch Break

14:45—15:10 Momcilo Bjelica, Area of Cycloids and Trochoids Visualized

15:10—15:35 Liljana Stefanovska, Beti Andonovic, Sonja Gegovska Zajkova,

Of an Iterative Procedure for Solving the Optimization Problem into an Ellipsoid

15:35—16:00 Branimir Seselja, Representation of Ordered Structures

16:00—17:30 Round Table

Session Education

10:55—11:40 Dusan Tosic, The Impact of Visualization on the Choice of the First Progamming


11:45—12:10 Nenad Mitic, Technology Possibilities and Some Issues in Electronic Course


12:10—12:35 Momcilo Bjelica, Zero, Infinity and Moebius Strip

12:35—13:00 Zoran Stanic, About Applying the Program Package AutoCAD in Descriptive


13:00—14:45 Lunch Break

14:45—15:30 Srdjan Vukmirovic, About Some New Projects in The Geometrical Visualization

15:35—16:05 Ljiljana Radovic, Reconstruction of Ornaments

16:10—17:30 Round Table

Session Engineering Sciences

10:55—11:40 Katica (Stevanovic) Hedrih, Visualization of Nonlinear Phenomena in

Mechanics and Engineering Systems Dynamics

11:45—12:10 Liljana Stefanovska, Toma Grcev, Sonja Gegovska Zajkova,

Visualization of the Reaction Zone Spreading for an Alumthermic

(Redox) Reaction

12:10—12:35 Katica (Stevanovic) Hedrih, Julijana Simonovic,

Visualization of Oscillatory Processes in Discrete and Continuous Systems

12:35—13:00 Srbislav Nesic, Djordje Djordjevic,

Weight-Involved Probability Method for Rasterization of Pictures

13:00—14:45 Lunch Break

14:45—15:10 Nenad Grujovic, Nikola Milivojevic,

Postprocessing Visualization for Engineering Analysis

15:10—15:35 Dragan Jovanovic, Milena Jovanovic, Reconstruction of Strain Energy Surfaces

15:35—16:00 Momcilo Bjelica, Stanoje Cvetkovic, Rade Knezevic

Sensitivity of Nonlinear Systems

16:00—17:30 Round Table

Session Medicine and Biology

11:10—11:40 Aleksandar Jovanovic, Dragoljub Perisic, Nenad Andonovski,

Biomedical Signal Processing

11:45—12:10 Biljana Jolevska-Tuneska, Ilija Jolevski,

Numerical Modeling and Computer Simulation of a Blood Flow

12:10—12:35 Srdjan Glisovic, Miomir Stankovic,

Modeling Biomechanical Structure while Overcoming Interdisciplinary

Problems—Upper Premodular Case Study

12:35—13:00 Andreja Tepavcevic, Fuzzy Sets in Biology and Medicine

13:00—14:45 Lunch Break

Session Natural Sciences

14:45-- 15:30 Goran Djordjevic, Branko Dragovic, Ljubisa Nesic,

P-adic Numbers and Adeles, and their Visualization

15:35—16:00 Moma Stojanovic, Electromagnetic Solutions in Nonlinear Laser-Plasma


16:00—17:30 Round Table

17:30—18:00 Break - Preparation of the Results of the Round Tables

18:00—18:45 Presentation of the Results of the Round Tables

18:45—19:15 Slavik Jablan, Presentation of the Electronic Journal VISUAL MATHEMATICS

19:15—19:30 Closing of the Workshop 

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