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This CDRom is based on the web sites Mathematics and Knots and Symbolic Sculpture and Mathematics.  It is enormously enhanced by large scale animations due to Nick Mee of 20 of the sculptures, which are much too well rendered and vivid to display on the web. For small versions of some of these animations click here.

There are also other large animations  for example of the movie of the page `Pivoted lines and the Mobius Band'.

This still from the movie shows a loop about to deform off the Mobius Band and then onto the disc and so down to a point. Here is a reaction to it: "The animations are fantastic and make it far more appealing, visually. The one that really amazed me was the rotating rod and ball that morphed into what seems to me to be an analogy of inter-dimensional trafficking. I think I will have many fun and mind blowing hours studying it!"

Other material on the CD-Rom are some introduction to topics such as Turing's reaction-diffusion equation - `How the leopard gets its spots'. This is illustrated on the very attractive cover.

The production of the CDRom was financed principally by a European Community Grant "Raising public Awareness of Mathematics by Posters in Public Transport and other actions in European Science and Technology Week November 6-12, 2000". Additional  funding came from the Welsh Development Agency, Welsh Relay and the London Mathematical Society.

Use of the CD will also benefit considerably those who wish to explore the web sites and do not have a fast permanent internet link.

System requirements

The CD-Rom is available at £5 ($10, 10EU) including VAT and postage. This very low price covers costs, and something towards development of future versions. Payment by cash, sterling cheque payable to UWB Enterprises, or Mastercard/Visa. Credit card information should include:
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