Schattschneider, D.,
Moravian College,

Emmer, M.,
University of Rome
"La Sapienza",

M.C.Escher's Legacy
A Centennial Celebration

2003 XVI, 458 S.. 520 figs.,
20 in color. With CD-ROM.
Hardcover 3-540-42458-X

One of the most popular artists of the 20th century, M. C. Escher, leaves a rich legacy. The centennial celebration of his birth, held in Rome and Ravello in 1998, gave testimony to the keen interest and new insight into his work, and showcased a number of contemporary artists and scientists whose work is directly inspired by that of Escher.

This book contains 40 of their articles, richly illustrated with original art works in addition to well-known and little-known works by Escher. A CD-ROM complements the articles, containing color illustrations of work by contemporary artists, movies, animations, and other demonstrations.

Keywords: M.C.Escher, anamorphosis, art, perception, tesselations

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