Second Edition of

Connections: Geometrical Bridges in Mathematics and Art

by Jay Kappraff


After classical books such as Symmetry by Hermann Weyl and Geometry and Visual Arts by Dan Pedoe we witness the existence of a book in recent years by Professor Jay Kappraff with more comprehensive topics in connections of mathematics and the arts. From tilings to quasicrystals and spirals to self-similarity issues Kappraff cuts a very wide swath in Connections: Geometrical Bridges in Mathematics and Art. This book is an exploration of endowers such as symmetry, proportion, and spatial harmony in quest for a common ground in the areas of arts, natural sciences, and mathematics. I have adopted this book for my Mathematics and Art class several times. Jay Kappraff and his innovative masterpiece Connections have been very influential in the direction of the Bridges Conference. I would congratulate him for the recent reprinting of this book.

Reza Sarhangi


Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science