Series on Knots and Everything - Vol. 30


by Slavik Vlado Jablan (The Mathematical Institute, Yugoslavia)

This book discusses the origins of ornamental art illustrated by the oldest examples, dating mostly from the paleolithic and neolithic ages, and considered from the theory-of-symmetry point of view. Because of its multidisciplinary nature, it will interest a wide range of readers: mathematicians, artists, art historians, architects, psychologists, and anthropologists.

The book represents the complete analysis of plane symmetry structures, so it can be used by artists as a guide to the creation of new symmetry patterns. Some parts of the contents (such as Chapter 4, about conformal symmetry, and Chapter 6, about modularity in art) give the reader an opportunity to develop computer programs for producing images illustrating the corresponding symmetry forms.


  • Theory of Isometric Symmetry Groups in E2 and Ornamental Art
  • Similarity Symmetry in E2
  • Conformal Symmetry in E2\{O}
  • The Theory of Symmetry and Ornamental Art
  • Modularity in Art
Readership: Mathematicians, psychologists, anthropologists, architects, artists and art historians.

340pp, Pub. date: Aug 2002, ISBN 981-238-080-9, US$58 / £39