MATRIX WIDTH / MATRIX HEIGHTChoose the size of the drawing (Matrix) , its height and width. Watch out for the Matrix size!
COLOURS: BACKGROUND/ELEMENTS Also choose the Colours o fthe elements of the drawing and its background colour. These are listed in the international HTML nomenclature system.
ELEMENTS' SIZES These sizes are related to the HTML font size notation, going to 1 up to 7.
PATH Don't forget to chose the Path on field "Path". Without this information the the program will return nothing at all. Be sure that the path you chose is available. Chose only those marked with a (*).
SEQUENCE / SEQUENCE TEST In the text area Sequence write which elements will be part of the drawing and in what order. The text area "Sequence Test" ill output this sequence in readable characters. They may be in whatever quantity, provided taht they exist in the ANACOM font family (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n).
TEST COLOUR / SEQUENCE In order to have an idea of the drawing final result, or to check the colour combination, click the "Test Colour/Sequence" button. This result shows only your chosen sequence in the colours you chose withour application of the Path.
MAKE DRAWING If everything is OK, click the button "Make Drawing". A new window will pop up showing the result according to your input data. This window allows you to save your drawing clicking FILE > SAVE AS and thus start your samples collection.