Name: Dirk Huylebrouck, Mathematician (b. Gent, Belgium, 1957).

Address: Department of Architecture, Sint-Lucas, 65 Paleizenstraat, Brussels 1030, Belgium.


Fields of interest: Linear algebra, mathematical sites (ethnomathematics).

Awards: Lester Ford Award of the Math Assoc of America, 2002.

Publications and/or Exhibitions:

- Generalized inverses of a sum with radical element: Applications, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 1996. [This paper was quoted in Current Trends in Algebra and much applied, even up to 2004, by J. Chen, Nanjing University, and Y. Wei, Fudan University, China].

- Similarities in irrationality proofs for pi, ln2, zeta(2) and zeta(3), The American Mathematical Monthly, 2001. [Attributed "Lester Ford Award 2002" of the American Mathematical Association; quoted in several papers, such as "A computer hunt for Apéry’s constant" by Thomas J. Oslen and Brian Seaman, Rowan University (USA), 2002; mentioned in "New formulas for pi, e and Euler’s constant …" by Jonathan Sondow, New York, in the Tulane Colloquium 2004, which also refers to the golden and silver section].

- Captain Mangin-Bocquet's contribution to mathematics", The Mathematical Intelligencer, 1994. [The paper was the beginning of a series of publications on the history of mathematics].

- The golden section as an optimal solution, Symmetry: Art and Science, [5th Congress and Exhibition of ISIS, Sydney, Australia, July 8-11, 2001], Special issue, 2001/1-2; Also in: Visual Mathematics, the e-journal of ISIS: [This paper is well ranked for number of hits].

- Generalized inverses and colour theory, WSEAS Conference, Corfu, Greece, August 2004. [Most recent publication uniting topics from the first and the fourth paper].