Abstract: Group “Music of The Spheres”:

Harmony of The Spheres – Harmony of The Molecules. Featured by the author (synthesizers) and Attila Pozsgai (percussions, flutes).
The Music of The Spheres concerts are created with a compositional technique developed by the author. This technique uses the possibilities of computer technique, which enables the creator/performer of this music to compose on the spot multi layered sound buildings. This is done by repetition of fragments, which are piled up into a sounds-cape and at the same time free solo parts are breaking the symmetry of the repetition. This brings about a constant changing texture, and usually the starting and the closing points are light years away from each other, while the consecutive transition points are not very different. This is a journey into the inner realms, each listener is stimulated to create his own “inner films” for the music - the landscapes of the soul (Soulscapes). The use of ancient percussion and flute instruments by Attila Pozsgai gives a living counterpoint to the world of electronic machines, but we hope that even the “dead” computers will awake into life through the creativity of the man.
Because the inner activity of the audience is a very important element of the Music of The Spheres concerts, it is recommended to give proper time for the developing of this imagination. This music has a complete new way of creating and listening to it; the Music of The Spheres stands on an aesthetical platform different, then the ones of the traditional closed compositions.