Name: Peter Klein, Prof. Dr. phil. Dipl. Phys. (b.: Breslau 1940)

Address: Universität Hamburg, Faculty of Education (Science Education

               Von-Melle-Park 8;  D-20146 Hamburg; Tel. X-(0)40-42838-2151; Fax. -2112

               (priv.) Babendiekstr. 13, D-22587 Hamburg; Tel.: X-(0)40-862266

Studies: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Philosophy, Education, Hist. of Art (Univ. Köln)

Fields of scientific concern: Physics ed.; Primary ed.; Hist. of ed., esp. 18/19 ct. („Neuhumanismus“);

              Interdisc. ed. (esp. Symmetry); Anthropology (philos. and biological); Philosophy of Science;

              Hist. of art/architecture. (Num. publications in these fields)

              Co-founding member of ISIS-Symmetry, member of the Adv. Board (Chairman of education).

Fields of interest: Collecting: Pottery (art nouveau / contemp.); Graphics (a.o. Baroque Arch.; Callot; Hollar);

              Rare books (a.o. Hist./Theory of Art and Science; Symmetry; 1st eds. fict. lit. (esp. Th. Mann)