Abstract: The lecture will provide a short, approximately twenty minute introduction of my latest exhibition that was displayed in the Museum Kiscelli, Budapest, 2003, titled Magic Transparency. The lecture will present my approach, my view how I started to plan and execute certain problems visually. The lecture has different phases, different layers such as follows: Theoretical, (Thinking in relation, alternative thinking). Perception, (Perceiving different things at the same time, Simultaneity of perception). Visual professional, (Simultaneity, transparency, segmentation, layers and dimensions). Story telling, (Theme: what the presented art pieces intend to express visually. It means the interpretation of the theme, like the installation of a street). Coincident factor, (The well prepared, planed art pieces can bring about new, unexpected context, when they are displayed). Spiritual, (The place itself and as the art pieces have been treated goes beyond the physical reality, transmit new situation and generate thoughts and emotions). Sensation, (The exhibition provides visual, acoustical and space sensation).