Géza Perneczky

Name: Géza Perneczky, Art historian, Artist (b. Keszthely, Hungary, 1936)

Address: Grosse Witschgasse 3-5, 50676 Köln, Germany. Email:

Fields of interest: Art history of the 20th century, art-theory, visual mathematics (fractal geometry), Artistsí books. 

Publications: The Magazine Network, Köln: Soft Geometry, 1993; Network Atlas, [Bibliographical Collection of Post-Fluxus, Visual Poetry, Mail Art, etc. publications; books and CD], work in progress.

Exhibitions: Exhibitions of the Conceptual Works, Photo actions, Artistsí books, and Fractal-generated Graphics in USA and in different European countries, including in Hungary.


Abstract: The presented materials belong to a series of books, where there are ribbons woven between the pages. These ribbons are going according to some musical or mathematical rules that have some relationship with polyphonic as well as with the contrapuntal structures.


Volumes 13 and 14. (Dedicated to J. S. Bach and Béla Bartók)