Abstract: Questions of when art becomes science, or science becomes art, are gaining increasing prominence alongside ubiquitous technology, yet mainstream culture continues to ask for a statement of position, ‘Are you an artist or a scientist?’ To the extent that disciplines are defined by their methodologies and discourses, this poses two interrelated problems for the presentation and discussion of true hybrid works: that of accessibility of language (for both artists and scientists), and that of valid presentation of process. It is my thesis that hybrid methodologies should be presented as such, rather than forcing them into the notation and language of one discipline or the other. To facilitate an informed discussion, in part I, I simultaneously present the visual and abstract methodologies used to create the rational particle systems illustrated: from the inception of the idea, (using visual symmetries to represent rational numbers) to their application by artists and scientists alike. In part II, I pose open questions arising from hybrid methodologies, in particular that of the role of mathematics and symmetry in future hybrid art/science curriculum.