Borisa Kuzeljevic

Postdoc at Insitute of Mathematics CAS
Assistant Research Professor at Mathematical Institute SANU


Institute of Mathematics CAS
Zitna 25
115 67 Praha 1
Czech Republic

kuzeljevic " at "
borisa " at "


Research interest:

Set theory and Fraisse theory



  1. A long chain of P-points
    (with D. Raghavan) submitted
  2. On the structure of random hypergraphs
  3. Forcing with matrices of countable elementary submodels
    (with S. Todorcevic) Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 145,5 (2017), 2211-2222
  4. Maximal chains of isomorphic suborders of countable ultrahomogeneous partial orders
    (with M. Kurilic) Order 32,1 (2015), 83-99
  5. Maximal chains of isomorphic subgraphs of countable ultrahomogeneous graphs
    (with M. Kurilic) Advances in Mathematics 264 (2014), 762-775
  6. Maximal chains of isomorphic subgraphs of the Rado graph
    (with M. Kurilic) Acta Mathematica Hungarica 141,1 (2013), 1-10