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GDIS 2008: Conference Opening


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Welcome to GDIS participants: in front of the ceremony hall of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Prof. dr Teodor Atanackovic,
corresponding memeber of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Head of Mechanics Department of the Mathematical Institute SANU

Dr Vladimir Dragovic,
Conference organizer, Mathematical Institute SANU


Prof. dr Boris Dubrovin,
S.I.S.S.A., Trieste, and Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow

Prof. dr Alexey Borisov,
Conference oganizer, Institute for Computer Sciences, Izhevsk

Prof. dr Milos Nedeljkovic,
State Secretary for Sciences and Technologies


Prof. dr Zoran Markovic,
Director of the Mathematical Institute SANU

Academician Nikola Hajdin,
President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Teofilovic Twins


Alexander Konuzin, Ambassador of Russia, between Boris Dubrovin and Alexey Borisov

Boris Dubrovin and Vladimir Dragovic in the audience

Aleksandar Lipkovski in the audience


Alexey Bolsinov, Andrey Oshemkov, and Boris Dubrovin between Opening Ceremony and Opening Session

Vladimir Grujic and Svjetlana Terzic

Vladimir Dragovic and Teodor Atanackovic


Boris Dubrovin gave the opening session lecture

Sinisa Vrecica in the audience

The audience


Welcome reception

Participants were welcomed in the traditional Serbian way

Sergio Benenti at the entrance to the Banquet Hall


Alexey Bolsinov, Larisa Gazizullina, and Alexander Kilin

Boris Dubrovin

Vladimir Inozemtsev and Hamad Yehia


Alfredo Herrera-Aguilar

Vladimir Dragovic

Alexey Borisov


Andrey Tsiganov and Vladimir Inozemtsev

Alexander Kilin, Bernard Gaffet, and Alina Dobrogowska

Alexey Borisov, Hamad Yehia, and Boris Dubrovin


Boris Dubrovin and Vered Rom-Kedar

Branko Dragovic and Anatol Odzijewicz

Svjetlana Trezic, Vladimir Dragovic, Vladimir Grujic, and Mila Mrsevic


Sergey Oblezin and Boris Dubrovin

Alexey Bolsinov, Andrey Oshemkov, Alexey Borisov, and Andrey Tsiganov

Hamad Yehia and Boris Dubrovin



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