about me

i am a researcher in algebra and logic, working at mathematical institute of serbian academy of arts and sciences in belgrade. my research interests lie in the areas of proof theory, category theory, statistics, logic, algebraic topology, description logics, ai, ...

in 2013 i was a postdoc at école polytechnique (lix) / inria, with team parsifal. i hold a phd from inria institute and inpl in nancy, and my thesis was on semantics of proofs in classical logic under supervision of prof. françois lamarche . i participated in the eu-fuded msc in computational logic (joint program of tu wien and tu dresden) and my msc thesis was done in the area of description logics, under supervision of prof. franz baader. i got my bsc in mathematics at the faculty of mathematics, university of belgrade in 2005.


  1. with françois lamarche. frobenius proof nets and resource semantics for classical logic. pdf
  2. with franz baader. proof-theoretic techniques for standard and non-standard inference services in $\cal EL$ w.r.t. hybrid tboxes. pdf
  3. with lutz strassburger. on the power of substitution in the calculus of structures.pdf


  1. with visnja padjen, marie bodenant, dejana r. jovanovic, nelly ponchelle-dequatre, charlotte cordonnier, ljiljana beslac-bumbasirevic, didier leys . outcome of patients with atrial fibrillation after intra-venous thrombolysis for cerebral ischaemia. in journal of neurology. (statistical modeling) pdf
  2. sémantique algébrique des ressources pour la logique classique. phd thesis. (a preliminary version, an uptdate is soon to follow) pdf
  3. with françois lamarche. frobenius algebras and classical proof nets. in proceedings of the fifth international conference on topology, algebra and categories in logic, marseilles, july 2011 (TACL2011). pages 235-238. link
  4. classical logic and frobenius algebras. in proceedings of the international category theory conference, genoa, june 2010. (CT2010) link
  5. with françois lamarche. two denotational interpretations of proofs in classical logic. in proceedings of the workshop on structures and deduction (SD09) pdf
  6. proof-theoretic approach to deciding subsumption and computing least common subsumer in el w.r.t. hybrid tboxes. in proceedings of the 11th european conference on logics in artificial intelligence (jelia 2008), lnai 5293, pages 311-323, springer-verlag
  7. with franz baader and boontawee suntisrivaraporn. a proof-theoretic subsumption reasoner for hybrid el-tboxes. in proceedings of the 2008 international workshop on description logics (dl2008), ceur-ws, 2008 pdf
  8. proof-theoretic approach to deciding subsumption and computing least common subsumer in el w.r.t. hybrid tboxes. master thesis. technische universität dresden pdf


  • école nationale supérieure des mines de nancy. programmation / java 1a. summer semester 2009. link (the 2008-2009 page is now obsolete)
  • université henri poincaré et l'université de nancy 2. introduction to linux. for master students in program taraitement automatique des langues. winter semester 2009-2010. link
  • icn business school. design of web pages. winter semester 2009-2010.link
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