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Mathematical Institute
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Kneza Mihaila 36,
Belgrade, Serbia

Tel.: (+381 11) 2180 591
Fax.: (+381 11)2186 105

E-MAIL: stefana@mi.sanu.ac.rs



Permanent Positions


Professional Activities
  • PhD Student at Faculty of Technical Sciences (Novi Sad), Doctoral School towards European Knowledge Society, Tempus Project JEP - 41099 - 2006
  • Fundraising Management and Interdisciplinary Projects
  • Researching methodology of digitization and implementations
  • Researching mathematical models for images digitization and images processing (applied mathematics, fuzzy logic, etc.)
  • Assistant Web Administrator for the Mathematical Institute Home Page


Research Interest
  • Mathematical Area
    • Metaheuristics
    • Combinatorial Optimization
    • Digitization Processing and Software
    • Image Processing
    • Detection and Recognition of Visual Events
    • Vision-based Interfaces
    • Parameter Modeling and nD-Modeling
    • Computer Graphics
    • Systems for Sharing, Prioritizing, Organizing, Archiving and Acting on information
    • Parallelization methods
  • Culture Area
    • Cultural Policy for ICT and Digitization
    • Viral Marketing
    • Open Communication and its Influence in Culture
    • New Technology Approach in Art
    • Inclusive Design
    • Virtual Landscapes
    • Multimedia Production
  • Art
    • Creative Writing - Poetry&Novels
    • Painting and Illustration
    • Art History
    • Graphic & Web Design
Scientific and Artistic Selected Texts

Artistic Interests

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