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Journal of Logic and Computation

The full text of Journal of Logic and Computation is available online from 1999. Print subscribers can access the full online version at no additional cost, simply complete the brief registration process (registration only required once).

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Volume 13 Coverdate Hyperlink
Issue 4 June 2003View this issue
Issue 3 June 2003View this issue
Issue 2 April 2003View this issue
Issue 1 February 2003View this issue
Volume 12 Coverdate Hyperlink
Issue 6 December 2002View this issue
Issue 5 October 2002View this issue
Issue 4 August 2002View this issue
Issue 3 June 2002View this issue
Issue 2 April 2002View this issue
Issue 1 February 2002View this issue
Volume 11 Coverdate Hyperlink
Issue 6 December 2001View this issue
Issue 5 October 2001View this issue
Issue 4 August 2001View this issue
Issue 3 June 2001View this issue
Issue 2 April 2001View this issue
Issue 1 February 2001View this issue
Volume 10 Coverdate Hyperlink
Issue 6 December 2000View this issue
Issue 5 October 2000View this issue
Issue 4 August 2000View this issue
Issue 3 June 2000View this issue
Issue 2 April 2000View this issue
Issue 1 February 2000View this issue
Volume 9 Coverdate Hyperlink
Issue 6 December 1999View this issue
Issue 5 October 1999View this issue
Issue 4 August 1999View this issue
Issue 3 June 1999View this issue
Issue 2 April 1999View this issue
Issue 1 February 1999View this issue
Volume 8 Coverdate Hyperlink
Issue 6 December 1998View this issue
Issue 5 October 1998View this issue
Issue 4 August 1998View this issue
Issue 3 June 1998View this issue
Issue 2 April 1998View this issue
Issue 1 February 1998View this issue
Volume 7 Coverdate Hyperlink
Issue 6 December 1997View this issue
Issue 5 October 1997View this issue
Issue 3 1997View this issue
Issue 2 1997View this issue
Issue 1 1997View this issue
Volume 6 Coverdate Hyperlink
Issue 6 December 1996View this issue
Issue 5 October 1996View this issue
Issue 4 August 1996View this issue
Issue 3 June 1996View this issue
Issue 2 April 1996View this issue
Issue 1 1996View this issue
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