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Journal of Logic and Computation, Volume 7, Issue 6: December 1997.

Modal tableaux based on residuation

H Wansing

University of Leipzig, Institute of Logic and Philosophy of Science, Augustusplatz 9, 04109 Leipzig, Germany. E-mail: wansing@rz.uni-leipzig.de

We show that (an analogue of) the ordinary notion of clause rather than a notion of modal clause can be used in complete tableau calculi for the modal logic Kf(=KDAlt1), the modal logic of functional accessibility relations, and PDL-, deterministic propositional dynamic logic without Kleene-star. The method is based on the observation that the tense logical operations [F] (alias [squ]) and [P] form a residuated pair. As a corollary, we obtain a decision procedure for Kf and PDL-.

Pages 719-731

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