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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 8, Issue 4: August 1998.

Abductive analysis of modular logic programs
R Giacobazzi
pp. 457-483

Actions speak louder than words: proving bisimilarity for context-free processes
H Hüttel and C Stirling
pp. 485-509

A new method for automated finite model building exploiting failures and symmetries
N Peltier
pp. 511-543

An equivalence theorem for the operational and temporal semantics of real-time, concurrent programs
R Cardell-Oliver
pp. 545-567

Simplification of many-valued logic formulas using anti-links
B Beckert, R Hähnle and G Escalada-Imaz
pp. 569-587

Intuitionistic propositional logic with only equivalence has no interpolation
L Hendriks
pp. 589-593

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