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Journal of Logic and Computation

Table of Contents

Volume 9, Issue 1: February 1999.

What's on my mind...
DM Gabbay
pp. 3-6
Details   Full-Text PDF (38 KB)

Programming by combining general logic programs
A Brogi, S Contiero and F Turini
pp. 7-24
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (268 KB)

Agents in proactive environments
DM Gabbay, R Nossum and M Thielscher
pp. 25-45
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (202 KB)

A direct proof of the completeness of SLDNF-resolution
R Stärk
pp. 47-61
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (283 KB)

Applying labelled deductive systems and multi-agent systems to source-based argumentation
D Walton
pp. 63-80
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (114 KB)

A modal logic for fusing partial belief of multiple reasoners
L Boldrin and A Saffiotti
pp. 81-103
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (404 KB)

Coercive subtyping
Z Luo
pp. 105-130
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (391 KB)

Books received
pp. 131-131
Full-Text PDF (7 KB)

Forthcoming papers
pp. 133-134
Full-Text PDF (33 KB)

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