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Journal of Logic and Computation, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp. 215-261: Abstract.

Robust semantics for argumentation frameworks

H Jakobovits and D Vermeir

Free University of Brussels, VUB, Dept. of Computer Science, Pleinlaan 2, Brussels 1050, Belgium. E-mail: hadassa@tinf1.vub.ac.be, dvermeir@vub.ac.be

We suggest a so-called 'robust' semantics for a model of argumentation which represents arguments and their interactions, called 'argumentation frameworks'. We study a variety of additional definitions of acceptability of arguments; we explore the properties of these definitions; we describe their interrelationships: e.g. robust models can be characterized using the minimal (well-founded) models of a meta-framework. The various definitions of acceptability of argument sets can all deal with contradiction within an argumentation framework.

Key words: Argumentation framework, semantics

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