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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 9, Issue 2: April 1999.

Augmenting branching temporal logics with existential quantification over atomic propositions
O Kupferman
pp. 135-147
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (169 KB)

Fibring of logics as a categorial construction
A Sernadas, C Sernadas and C Caleiro
pp. 149-179
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (390 KB)

Some probability logics with new types of probability operators
Z Ognjanovic and M Raskovic
pp. 181-195
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (190 KB)

Complexity of products of modal logics
M Marx
pp. 197-214
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (329 KB)

Robust semantics for argumentation frameworks
H Jakobovits and D Vermeir
pp. 215-261
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (574 KB)

Forthcoming papers
pp. 263-264
Full-Text PDF (21 KB)

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