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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 9, Issue 3: June 1999.

Editorial. Special issue on description logics
P Patel-Schneider and M-C Rousset
pp. 265-266
Details   Full-Text PDF (15 KB)

Optimizing description logic subsumption
I Horrocks and PF Patel-Schneider
pp. 267-293
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (283 KB)

Representing and reasoning on XML documents: a description logic approach
D Calvanese, G De Giacomo and M Lenzerini
pp. 295-318
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (305 KB)

Expressive number restrictions in description logics
F Baader and U Sattler
pp. 319-350
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (408 KB)

A description logic with concrete domains and a role-forming predicate operator
V Haarslev, C Lutz and R Möller
pp. 351-384
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (511 KB)

A description logic with transitive and inverse roles and role hierarchies
I Horrocks and U Sattler
pp. 385-410
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (413 KB)

Matching in description logics
F Baader, R Küsters, A Borgida and DL McGuinness
pp. 411-447
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (379 KB)

Conferences. Report on the 1998 International Workshop on Description Logics (DL'98)
E Franconi, G De Giacomo, IR Horrocks, DL McGuinness, W Nutt, PF Patel-Schneider and CA Welty
pp. 449-456
Full-Text PDF (67 KB)

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