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Journal of Logic and Computation

Table of Contents

Volume 9, Issue 4: August 1999.

A topological construction of a non-smooth model of cumulativity
K Schlechta
pp. 457-462
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (87 KB)

Coalgebraic theories of sequences in PVS
U Hensel and B Jacobs
pp. 463-500
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (334 KB)

The probability of pure literals
JW Rosenthal, JM Plotkin and J Franco
pp. 501-513
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (152 KB)

Computing argumentation in logic programming
KC Kakas and F Toni
pp. 515-562
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (594 KB)

The cooperative problem-solving process
M Wooldridge and NR Jennings
pp. 563-592
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (303 KB)

Books received
pp. 593-593
Full-Text PDF (6 KB)

Book review. Indiscrete thoughts. G-C Rota
W Gasarch
pp. 595-596
Details   Full-Text PDF (16 KB)

Forthcoming papers
pp. 597-599

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