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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 9, Issue 5: October 1999.

Points, lines and diamonds: a two-sorted modal logic for projective planes
Y Venema
pp. 601-621
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (224 KB)

Reasoning about concurrent interaction
L Karlsson and J Gustafsson
pp. 623-650
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (337 KB)

Propositional information systems
J Kohlas, R Haenni and S Moral
pp. 651-681
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (293 KB)

Frege structures for partial applicative theories
R Kahle
pp. 683-700
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (211 KB)

Formalizing action and change in modal logic I: the frame problem
MA Castilho, O Gasquet and A Herzig
pp. 701-735
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (383 KB)

Declarative PTIME queries for relational databases using quantifier elimination
P Doherty, W Lukaszewicz and A Szalas
pp. 737-758
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (209 KB)

A theory and implementation of cognitive mobile robots
G De Giacomo, L Iocchi, D Nardi and R Rosati
pp. 759-785
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (300 KB)

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