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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 9, Issue 6: December 1999.

Coalition formation processes with belief revision among bounded-rational self-interested agents
F Tohmé and T Sandholm
pp. 793-815
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (236 KB)

Preferred history semantics for iterated updates
S Berger, D Lehmann and K Schlechta
pp. 817-833
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (171 KB)

Dynamic slicing: a generic analysis based on a natural semantics format
V Gouranton and D Le Métayer
pp. 835-871
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (326 KB)

Possibilistic and standard probabilistic semantics of conditional knowledge bases
S Benferhat, D Dubois and H Prade
pp. 873-895
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (262 KB)

Undecidability of compass logic
M Marx and M Reynolds
pp. 897-914
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (182 KB)

Hierarchies in classes of program schemes
AA Arratia-Quesada, SR Chauhan and IA Stewart
pp. 915-957
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (386 KB)

Sets, types and type-checking
R Turner
pp. 959-975
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (175 KB)

On the expressive power of three-valued and four-valued languages
A Avron
pp. 977-994
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (201 KB)

Forthcoming papers
pp. 995-996
Full-Text PDF (25 KB)

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