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Journal of Logic and Computation

Table of Contents

Volume 10, Issue 1: February 2000.

D Gabbay and J Woods
pp. 1-2
Full-Text PDF (16 KB)

SPADES - a process algebra for discrete event simulation
PG Harrison and B Strulo
pp. 3-42
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (310 KB)

Investigating Z
MC Henson and S Reeves
pp. 43-73
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (256 KB)

Object calculi in linear logic
M Bugliesi, G Delzanno, L Liquori and M Martelli
pp. 75-104
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (279 KB)

Tractable and intractable instances of combination problems for unification and disunification
KU Schulz
pp. 105-135
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (319 KB)

Internalizing labelled deduction
P Blackburn
pp. 137-168
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (290 KB)

Books received
pp. 169-169
Full-Text PDF (7 KB)

Forthcoming papers
pp. 171-172
Full-Text PDF (44 KB)

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