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Journal of Logic and Computation

Table of Contents

Volume 10, Issue 3: June 2000.

F Kamareddine and JW Klop
pp. 321-322
Full-Text PDF (23 KB)

Stable results and relative normalization
J Glauert, R Kennaway and Z Khasidashvili
pp. 323-348
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (266 KB)

Relating the [lgr][sgr]- and [lgr]s-styles of explicit substitutions
F Kamareddine and A Rìos
pp. 349-380
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (349 KB)

A syntactical analysis of normalization
Z Khasidashvili and A Piperno
pp. 381-410
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (295 KB)

A linearization of the Lambda-calculus and consequences
AJ Kfoury
pp. 411-436
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (295 KB)

A geometric proof of confluence by decreasing diagrams
JW Klop, V van Oostrom and R de Vrijer
pp. 437-460
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (257 KB)

Axiomatic rewriting theory II: the [lgr][sgr]-calculus enjoys finite normalisation cones
P-A Melliès
pp. 461-487
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (351 KB)

pp. 489-490
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Forthcoming papers
pp. 491-492
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