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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 10, Issue 4: August 2000.

Coherence and transitivity of subtyping as entailment
G Longo, K Milsted and S Soloviev
pp. 493-526
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (327 KB)

Presentation of proofs in modal natural deduction
EF de Lima and C Lingenfelder
pp. 527-572
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (423 KB)

Unrestricted preferential structures
K Schlechta
pp. 573-581
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (116 KB)

The logic of conflicts between decision making agents
L Ekenberg
pp. 583-602
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (220 KB)

Measuring similarity in belief revision
P Peppas, N Foo and A Nayak
pp. 603-619
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (196 KB)

Forthcoming papers
pp. 621-622
Full-Text PDF (13 KB)

Books received
pp. 623-623
Full-Text PDF (9 KB)

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