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Journal of Logic and Computation, Volume 10, Issue 5, pp. 677-703: Abstract.

Reasoning with contradictory information using quasi-classical logic

A Hunter

Department of Computer Science, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK, E-mail: A.Hunter@cs.ucl.ac.uk

The proof theory of quasi-classical logic (QC logic) allows the derivation of non-trivializable classical inferences from inconsistent information. A non-trivializable, or paraconsistent, logic is, by necessity, a compromise, or weakening, of classical logic. The compromises on QC logic seem to be more appropriate than other paraconsistent logics for applications in computing. In particular, the connectives behave in a classical manner. Here we motivate the need for QC logic, present a proof theory, and semantics for the logic, and compare it to other paraconsistent logics.

Keywords: paraconsistent logics, contradictory information, inconsistency.

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