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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 10, Issue 5: October 2000.

Ramification and causality in a modal action logic
L Giordano, A Martelli and C Schwind
pp. 625-662
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (421 KB)

A single complete refinement rule for Z
J Derrick
pp. 663-675
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (127 KB)

Reasoning with contradictory information using quasi-classical logic
A Hunter
pp. 677-703
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (219 KB)

Non-cumulative reasoning: rules and models
J Engelfriet
pp. 705-719
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (143 KB)

Postponement, conservation and preservation of strong normalization for generalized reduction
F Kamareddine
pp. 721-738
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (197 KB)

Book review. Intelligence Through Simulated Evolution: Forty Years of Evolutionary Programming. LJ Fogel
R Overill
pp. 739-739
Details   Full-Text PDF (8 KB)

Forthcoming papers
pp. 741-742
Full-Text PDF (16nbsp;KB)

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