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Journal of Logic and Computation

Table of Contents

Volume 11, Issue 1: February 2001.

Dov Gabbay.
p. 1.
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Editorial and Call for Papers

Heinrich Wansing.
pp. 3-4.
Details   Full-Text PDF (23 KB)

Ackermann's Implication for Typefree Logic

Klaus Robering.
pp. 5-23.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (213 KB)

Revision Sequences and Computers with an Infinite Amount of Time

Benedikt Löwe.
pp. 25-40.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (197 KB)

Multi-agent Only Knowing

Joseph Y. Halpern, and Gerhard Lakemeyer.
pp. 41-70.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (320 KB)

Preferential Logics are X-logics

Lionel Forget, Vincent Risch, and Pierre Siegel.
pp. 71-83.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (132 KB)

PSPACE Reasoning for Graded Modal Logics

Stephan Tobies.
pp. 85-106.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (235 KB)

SHR Tableaux - A Framework for Automated Model Generation

Thomas M. Rudlof.
pp. 107-155.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (516 KB)

Ideal and Real Belief about Belief

Enrico Giunchiglia, and Fausto Giunchiglia.
pp. 157-192.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (369 KB)

Book Review. Review of Elementary Logics: a Procedural Perspective Dov M. Gabbay

Luís Da Cunha Lamb.
pp. 193-194.
Details   Full-Text PDF (13 KB)

Books Received

p. 195.
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Forthcoming Papers

pp. 197-198.
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p. 199.
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