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Journal of Logic and Computation

Table of Contents

Volume 11, Issue 2: April 2001.

Which Branching-Time Properties are Effectively Linear?
Orna Grumberg, and Robert P. Kurshan.
pp. 201-228.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (315 KB)

Nonmonotonic Logics and Semantics

Daniel Lehmann.
pp. 229-256.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (270 KB)

Dynamic Argument Systems: A Formal Model of Argumentation Processes Based on Situation Calculus

Gerhard Brewka.
pp. 257-282.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (235 KB)

Hypersequent Calculi for some Intermediate Logics with Bounded Kripke Models

Agata Ciabattoni.
pp. 283-294.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (148 KB)

Conditional Quantification, or Poor Man's Probability

Michiel van Lambalgen.
pp. 295-336.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (432 KB)

Minimizing Agent Specifications using a Logic of Knowledge and Actions

Gilbert Ndjatou.
pp. 337-354.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (258 KB)

Book Review. Selected Papers on Analysis of Algorithms Donald E Knuth

Richard Overill.
p. 355.
Details   Full-Text PDF (258 KB)

Book Review. Parallel Processing and Parallel Algorithms: Theory and Computation Seyed H. Roosta

Richard Overill.
pp. 355-356.
Details   Full-Text PDF (258 KB)

Book Review. Time Warps, String Edits, and Macromolecules: the Theory and Practice of Sequence Comparison David Sankoff, Joseph Kruskal

Richard Overill.
p. 356.
Details   Full-Text PDF (8 KB)

Forthcoming Papers

pp. 357-358.
Full-Text PDF (22 KB)

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