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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 11, Issue 4: August 2001.

Original Article.
Nonmonotonic Inheritance in Object-Oriented Deductive Database Languages

Wolfgang May, and Paul-Thomas Kandzia.
pp. 499-525.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (306 KB)

Original Article.
A Semantics for [lambda]: a Calculus with Overloading and Late-binding

Thomas Studer.
pp. 527-544.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (236 KB)

Original Article.
Embedding First-order Logic in a Pure Type System with Parameters

Twan Laan, and Michael Franssen.
pp. 545-557.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (157 KB)

Original Article.
Composition of Default Specifications

Sofia Guerra.
pp. 559-578.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (214 KB)

Original Article.
Knowledge Compilation for Closed World Reasoning and Circumscription

Sylvie Coste-Marquis, and Pierre Marquis.
pp. 579-607.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (335 KB)

Original Article.
The Complexity of Poor Man's Logic

Edith Hemaspaandra.
pp. 609-622.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (159 KB)

Original Article.
On the Soundness and Completeness of Equational Predicate Logics

George Tourlakis.
pp. 623-653.
Abstract   Full-Text PDF (287 KB)

Forthcoming Papers
pp. 655-656.
Full-Text PDF (15 KB)

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